Geniux Brain Supplement Review


GeGeniux brain trialniux brain pills are a powerful way to boost your mental power and accelerate your learning ability. Some years back, learning disabilities such as attention deficit disorder were not known.

These minor disabilities cannot impair one’s life but may make it difficult to learn quickly and to excel in some areas such as your career. Geniux supplement is a potential brain nutrition supplements that can help improve the health of your brain. It is, therefore, a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients that can support the health and vitality of your mind so that you can stay active and maintain the quality of your life.




Geniux contains ingredients that are genuine and essential nutrients that are considered to be most important for proper brain functioning. The ingredients are blended in a unique way to provide vitality to the brain and considerable amount of energy and strength to do work. They includes,

  • Piracetam
  • Bee pollen
  • X proteins
  • Minerals
  • Essential
  • nutrients

However, this is not the complete list as the manufacturer cannot disclose all due to some privacy issues.

How The Product Works

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The ability to learn and understand something quickly depends on how fast our brain cells, the neurons are communicating. The brain is made up of millions of neurons that communicate through rapid electrical impulses. The geniux supplements regulate brain chemicals that promote optimal brain functioning.

It helps in tapping into your maximum brain potential hence one will be able to remember more, learn fast and thus feel more motivated. Geniux supplements thus reduce cognition decline in multiple regards. It reduces memory loss by modulating recall in people of all ages.

It supports a rapid improvement of long and short term memory. To add on that, it fights fatigue and low energy levels by giving the brain a boost to improve the efficiency of energy production in the body. It keeps the mind sharp, focused and energized till you get a rest unlike the typical, gradual decline until you faint.

Geniux should be used fairly regularly, at least for a few weeks, sufficient quantities for efficient results.


brain supplementsGeniux supplements have got a wide range of benefits that includes,

• It prevents memory loss thus increasing memory recall

• provides higher energy levels

• enhances focus and motivation

• It boosts focus and attention span

• improved overall health

• improve cerebral capacity

• makes the mind active and hence you can perform same tasks with fewer efforts

• leads to better decision making thus finding a better solution to a problem

• It rebuilds the neurons of the brain and thus makes them transfer messages quickly and process at better rates.


For the best results from geniux supplements, it is suggested that you should take one capsule every morning. Just like other medications, it is suggested that should be taken after eating meals to prevent experiencing stomach upsets. It is, therefore, good to take medications on a full stomach.

The product is risk-free and thus safe for use. Unlike other medications like Adderall or Ritalin which have severe side effects, geniux pills do not have the negative side effects but they serve the same purpose. Geniux supplements are safe because the manufacturers do not use dangerous ingredients.

Other medications of Adderall or Ritalin have abused potential due to the horrible side effects, unlike the geniux supplement. The use of stimulant ingredients makes these medications be taken in order to stay up all night and study or work for long hours.

Geniux is also a strong antioxidant thus inhibits oxidation from the body. If taken in excess, it causes irritability, insomnia, tremors, and restlessness.  However, the product has got disadvantages that includes,

• should not be taken by any kid

• Excess use of the product may lead to cells damage

• They are not meant to cure a disease or a disorder

• It can take time to activate your mind varying from person to person

• Some people experience some side effect such as itching

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